Cat® GSV-Series Grapples Feature Design Refinements for Increased Performance and Durability

The new Cat® GSV520 and GSV520 GC orange-peel grapples,  designed with features to enhance strength, reliability, and durability,  incorporate new easy-loading tines and vertical cylinders that create a  profile to facilitate greater material swing and more efficient  bulk-material handling. The new grapples, purpose-built for Cat MH3022,  MH3024, and MH3026 wheel material handlers, are available in a  five-tine-shell configuration, both closed and semi-closed versions, and  feature a new rotation design.

 The GSV520 and GSV520 GC, which replace GSM25-Series grapples,  provide users a choice for matching the grapple to the needs of the  operation. The GSV520 GC allows the lowest acquisition and excellent  life-cycle value; the GSV520 provides the lowest overall owning and  operating cost and optimum life-cycle performance.

Both new grapples are suited for use in a wide range of materials,  including shredded scrap, long structural beams, car bodies, and solid  waste at recycling and transfer stations. The enhanced performance of  the new grapples helps waste-handling operations meet the challenges of  increased environmental regulation, increased pressure to recycle, and  more stringent budgets. Compared with predecessor models, the GSV520 and  GSV520 GC models also have lower operating weights for optimum  performance and fuel savings.

Long-term durability

The design of the GSV-Series grapples incorporates high-grade,  impact-resistant-steel construction designed to protect vulnerable  areas, such as hydraulic cylinders, which have been redesigned to  provide added protection for the cylinder rod and to ensure quicker  grapple opening time for high productivity and enhanced casting  capability.

For greater durability, hardened pins and lubricated bushings are  used in all pivot points. Tines have replaceable, cast tips of BHN  445-555 material for wear-resistance. Both new models provide improved  structural life and use tips that provide significantly longer service  life.

In addition, the diameter of the pin at the main hinge point for both  models has been significantly increased for greater durability, and the  GSV520 features a redesigned bushing at the hinge point. Also,  solid-hinge-point construction and more robust end stops further promote  durability, and a solid-pin design keeps mounting brackets in an  upright position for ease of installation. The GSV520 also features a  standard lifting eye on the bottom of the housing for expanded  versatility, such as mounting a magnet, as well as the new HR rotator  that reduces internal restrictions and results in lower fuel  consumption.

Caterpillar supports its work tools with a comprehensive range of  pre- and after-sales services, including advice about work-tool  selection, operator training, equipment management, and a range of  financial and insurance products. For more information about GSV520/520  GC grapples, contact the local Cat dealer or go to: www.cat.com/products