Hitachi fine-tunes ZW150-6 wheel loader to perfection

The new mid-size wheel loader from Hitachi is a detailed  evolution of the successful previous generation model, and offers  outstanding versatility, exceptional comfort and industry-leading  safety.

Using its extensive knowledge of the high-performing ZW-5 model, and  ongoing research of the European market, the Hitachi development team  has fine-tuned the ZW150-6 to better satisfy the needs of operators. Their demands for greater  versatility without compromising on performance, and their concerns for  safety and comfort, have all been carefully considered with the new  ZW150-6.

Ideal for a variety of applications, the ZW150-6 is powered by a new  Stage IV-compliant engine for the same levels productivity as the  ZW150-5, but with reduced fuel consumption* and running costs. It offers  the best all-round visibility and is one of the quietest machines in  its class.

Designed for versatility

The ZW150-6 is suitable for a wide range of projects including general  and road construction projects, and industrial applications. It is  available with optional extras for waste handling and agriculture, such  as a radiator dust protection screen, anti-clogging radiators, front  windscreen guard and pressurised filtration system. These provide added  protection for the operator in dusty environments (waste management and  demolition, or when working with compost).

Three types of lift arm – standard, high lift and parallel lift –  provide even greater flexibility. The parallel lift arm ensures  effective handling with less tilting variation of the attachment. Ideal  for pallet forks, it offers increased load control and better visibility  of the attachment than the standard lift arm.

When working in snowy, slippery or muddy conditions, the ZW150-6’s  traction control system helps to avoid tyre slippage, and ultimately  prevents wear and fuel wastage, and lowers running costs. It is  particularly useful in light applications, such as snow removal. Several  tyres are also available for the ZW150-6, according to the needs of the  operator.

Engineered for efficiency

Another contributing factor to the versatility of the ZW150-6 is the  hydrostatic transmission. Consisting of one pump and two motors, it  enables very precise movements at low speeds, and brings additional  benefits of increased productivity and efficiency.

To further optimise its usage with hydraulic attachments on different  job sites, the ZW150-6 has first speed dial and creep mode switches. In  combination, they allow for the full adjustment of the maximum  travelling speed in first gear (1-7km/h), so the operator can apply  higher rpm at low speeds for maximum hydraulic performance.

A further example of the advanced technology incorporated within the  ZW150-6 is the engine’s after-treatment device. Designed to reduce  emissions as well as noise levels, it consists of a diesel oxidation  catalyst, urea mixing pipe, selective catalyst reduction (SCR) system  and silencer. The SCR system injects urea into exhaust gas to reduce  nitrogen oxide.

Superior comfort and safety

The cab of the ZW150-6 makes work more comfortable and safe for  operators with excellent all-round visibility, improved sound insulation  and user-friendly features. The rear-view camera and wide-view mirrors,  curved engine hood, and repositioned exhaust pipe and air intake, all  help to provide a better view of the operator’s surroundings. LED rear  road lights increase the machine’s visibility on dusty job sites.

For easy operation, the optional lift arm auto leveller can be adjusted  by operators via the monitor, according to their needs. The ride  control feature ensures a smooth drive on all kinds of terrain by  minimising machine pitching. 

Easy to maintain

To make maintenance and daily checks quick and easy, the ZW150-6 has  wide-opening side engine covers for better access. The air filter and  urea tank can be easily accessed from ground level.

“Maintenance, operator comfort and versatility are extremely important  to our customers,” says Hitachi Construction Machinery (Europe) NV Wheel  Loader Product Manager Vasilis Drougkas. “The ZW150-6 has evolved to  exceed their increasing expectations. In addition, it can also be fitted  with a range of specifically designed Hitachi Genuine attachments and  quick couplers to optimise its performance.”

*Fuel consumption reduced by 19% in travelling operations and by 6% in V-shaped loading.


  • Engine rated power (kW/HP) – 104/141 (ISO14396)
  • Operating weight (kg) – 12,250-12,520
  • Bucket ISO heaped (m³) ISO heaped – 1.9-2.3
  • Breakout force (kN) – 81.1-108.5