Kobelco Construction Machinery Launches New Crawler Cranes : CK3300G-2, CKE3000G and CKS3000

Kobelco Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. announced the launch of new hydraulic crawler cranes with a maximum lifting capacity of 300 metric tons (330 US tons) for standard crane and  350 metric tons (385 US tons) with an SHL specification. The models are  CK3300G-2 (North American model), CKE3000G (European model) and CKS3000  (Standard model).

The CK3300G-2, CKE3000G and CKS3000 debut as the largest models of  KOBELCO’s multi-purpose crawler crane CK / CKE / CKS series which has been a best seller in the market for many years. The basic concept of this new model is Versatile & All Rounder.

Along with the recent increase in weights and dimensions of construction materials and heights of high-rise buildings, mobile cranes are required to have a higher lifting capacity as well as improved productivity and safety. In order to respond to such needs, we newly developed these “All Rounder” cranes that can handle a wide variety of applications in different job sites by utilizing KOBELCO’s solid achievements and technologies in multi-purpose cranes as well as handling even the heaviest lifts on large-scale projects.

Main features

1.Wide variety of attachments
Various kinds of attachments are available ranging from standard crane configuration, including fixed jib, heavy fixed jib, and luffing jib,  which are most suitable for multipurpose works, to the super heavy lift configuration, including luffing jib, for the heaviest lifts. These attachments make it possible to provide the most suitable solutions in accordance with the individual job site requirements. We designed these cranes taking into consideration maximum compatibilities, such as jibs and pallet weights, with our other models.

2. Excellent lifting capacity
After in-depth marketing research on the 300-ton crane market, we positioned these models to provide superior lifting capacity. As an example, when compared to our best-selling model CKE2500G-2 (250-ton crane), the load moment in the standard crane specification is 40%  higher and in the standard luffing configuration it is 60% higher. The  Super Heavy Lift specification can compete with the 400 t – 500 t  classes (standard crane specification).

3.Specification optimization for the actual job site environment
In order to achieve maximum ease of operation, the specifications are optimized for the actual job site environment. The performance of the undercarriage has been enhanced to operate on rough ground job sites,  with high ground clearance and outstanding propelling performance, while minimizing the overall footprint.

The models inherit the KOBELCO reliable hydraulic control system which has achieved a superior reputation for these many years. In order to correspond to specific job site needs, a  free-fall winch (optional) is also available.

4.Reliable and operator-friendly cabin
The cabin is designed for an operator-friendly environment taking into consideration comfort, ease of operation and safety. The extra-wide windows and tilt mechanism of the cabin offer excellent visibility. An intuitive-designed Moment Limiter monitor makes it simple for anyone to quickly master the operation with easily understandable pictograms and a  touch screen panel. As an added safety function, a working range limiter will assist the operator in preventing collisions.

5. Excellent transportability/assembly
In our pursuit of ease of transportability, we considered each area’s  customer’s needs so that these cranes can conform to the local transport regulations. Transport width is less than 3 m (10 ft) for all components and main machine weights can be adjusted with some variations in order to meet transport restrictions. A self-assembly system is available for crawlers, lower boom, car body weights, and counterweights.